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computer repair
computer repair

Support for Desktop

Get your desktop problems fixed by our experienced technicians. We support all brands of desktop whether it is Windows or Mac

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Support for Laptop

Get problems with your laptop fixed in minutes, reach us out to quickly get your laptop issues fixed.

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Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and Malware issues can really get your head spinning and cause frustration. However with Wingsoft’s technicians having good expertise to remove virus and malware we can help you get rid of viruses in minutes.

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Support for peripheral devices

Support for peripheral devices like printer, scanners and other IOT devices can really help you get out of any problem that you may face with them. We support all devices that connect with your computer.

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Support for productivity software

We provide advanced support for productivity software like Microsoft Office, Adobe photoshop and much more. We can not only help your with problems however we can also help you on how to perform certain tasks on your productivity software.

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Pc Speedup and Optimization

Slow computer can be a nightmare for any computer user. We know that and that’s why we have discovered advanced Pc Optimization techniques to help you optimize your computer in minutes. You never have to worry about Pc Speed anymore, we will always keep your computer fast.

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Support for Smart phones and smart devices

Smartphones can be one of the most handy device in current world, we all use them, however we often end up into problems with Smartphones, we not only help you with Smartphone problems, however we also help you with how to use them.

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Setup and install

Bought a new device or software and want to setup devices correctly, We got you covered, no need to wait on annoying lengthy Queue for help with Manufacturer, we are available to help you with setup and install of your device and software.

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These are just the few things we can help you with

We can help you with virtually anything you may think of, all you need is working internet connection, and we will help you at the convenience of your home.
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