Recently, online networking master Jane Manchun Wong reported that Twitter is testing a component to enable clients to hide answers to their tweets, news that Twitter senior item director Michelle Yasmeen Haq affirmed not long after.

After digging around in the code of the Twitter for Android app, reverse software engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Twitter is testing a feature that would allow users to moderate the replies on their tweets. In response to Wong’s tweet, senior product manager Michelle Yasmeen Haq confirmed these findings and explained how the feature will work.

Twitter is testing replies moderation. It lets you to hide replies under your tweets, while providing an option to show the hidden replies
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) February 28, 2019

The feature is to be created to ensure clients and their dialogs which are the central core of the stage, as expressed by Haq: “We think of conversations as an ecosystem of different groups: authors, repliers, the audience and the platform. We endeavor to adjust the experience over each of the four gatherings, and we are persistently investigating approaches to move the parity without overcorrecting.”

1/8 Thanks to Jane and @MattNavarra for starting the conversation about the this feature we are developing! We wanted to provide a little more context on it.
— Michelle Yasmeen Haq (@thechelleshock) February 28, 2019

As of now, users can block the person they are being bothered by and if their replies are in voilation of Twitter policy their account is barred.

This new feature will enable friendly exchange of messages and help conceal information which user don’t want to show.

Haq said that “[Twitter] think[s] the straightforwardness of the shrouded answers would enable the network to notice and get out circumstances where individuals utilize the element to conceal content they can’t help contradicting. We figure this can adjust the item experience between the first Tweeter and the gathering of people.”

Haq confirms that the control feature will experience open testing over the up and coming months