It is a busy working day and you have to print a very important file in minutes. As you open the file and choose “Print,” then you pause and just see if the printer starts to work, nothing happens.  When you look at the menu after seeing a pop up message, you see “Offline.”

You are not alone.  Many people are encountering this annoying issue.  But it is not a tough problem to fix and you can surely get your printer back online.  You can certainly resolve it by following these simple steps:

1st Step

Set the printer to online. Find “Printers” in “Settings.” After right clicking on the printer, you select “Use Printer Online.”

2nd Step

Try to restart the computer.  You have to reinstall the drivers if this does not work. You can download the driver if your own driver is not available.  Just get it from the manufacturer’s website.  If you have the driver, go to “Settings,” then “Printers,” then select the printer and choose “Properties.” Look for the driver button under the “Details Tab” or “General,” and select it.

3rd Step

Reinstall the printer now.  In the “Settings” menu, choose “Printers,” select the printer, then reinstall the printer through the “Add printer” wizard after deleting it.  You can now use the printer driver, which you get from the manufacturer’s website.

4th Step

If there are any print jobs, clear it all.  Go to the “Printer Menu” by double clicking the printer and select “Cancel All Documents.” One of the causes the printer goes offline is a stuck print job.

Check if you can print a test page now.

5th Step

Toggle the printer off and on.  There may be a jammed paper, or lose network connections.  So check everything to make sure none is loose.

You can also try other solutions like checking printer status, printer connection, restarting the print spooler service, updating the printer driver, or adding a second printer.  See to it that there is nothing wrong with your printer.  In case that it is the problem, you need to ask for assistance from your printer manufacturer.


When checking printer status, you need to keep in mind that the auto-updated printer driver provided by Windows Update can automatically change your settings.  So make sure that the printer status has no problem with that.

When it comes to printer connection, see to it that nothing is wrong with the connection between your printer and PC, whether it is USB cable or wireless or wired connection.  If your printer is connected via USB cable, make sure that your computer cable is connected to the correct and working USB port.  But if your printer is connected via wire network, make sure that the cable is connected properly to the Ethernet port. Check the network signal on your printer.  You should see this flashing.

Please take note that a printer can go offline if the cable is broken, loose, too old.  Though some printer cords can be recycled, it is best to purchase a brand new ones.

Another important thing, your printer cannot function if the Print Spooler service has a problem.  Check first if it is running before you restart it.  Please take note that this method works only if your printer is connected to a network.  It does not work in the USB cable.

If you need help regarding an offline problem with your printer, please feel free to contact us and we have the answer to any technical questions you may have.