As we inch closer to the launch of Microsoft’s next major upgrade to Windows 10, the final upgrade still seems to be rolling out in a relative crawl. According to the latest monthly report from AdDuplex, the October 2018 Update is currently on 21.2 percent of Windows 10 PCs, marking a significant uptick in the 12.4 percent policy AdDuplex reported in January but still paling in comparison to other upgrades now in their rollouts.

Considering that the October 2018 Update’s rocky launch, that is not entirely surprising; the upgrade only reached full accessibility in December and began its own automatic phased rollout in January.

Rounding out the list are the Fall Creators Update using a 3.7 percent share, while the Creators Update and older have been grouped together using a 3.2 percent share. Last, Windows Insiders testing another upgrade, 19H1, composed 0.2 percent of PCs surveyed by AdDuplex.

It is worth remembering AdDuplex’s reports are based on a selection of approximately 5,000 Microsoft Store programs using its SDK. The numbers are helpful for monitoring trends in the general rollout of upgrades, but real numbers likely differ. February’s figures are based on a poll of approximately 100,000 PCs and they have been gathered on February 25.